The sub that proves great things come in threes. In this case, those three things happen to be crisp bacon, lettuce and juicy tomato. While theres no scientific way of proving it, this B.L.T might be the most perfect sub in existence.

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Select Type/Size:
 6-inch (+$4.50)     12-inch (+$6.50)   
Select Bread:
 Flatbread     Wheat     Italian Herb & Cheese     Italian     Honey Oat Wheat     Hearty Italian   
Select Cheese:
 Parmesan    Shredded Monterey Cheddar    Mozzarella    Provolone    Swiss    American   
Select Veggies:
 Diced Hot Red Peppers    Black Olives    Banana Peppers    Hot Peppers (Jalapeno)    Sweet Peppers    Green Peppers    Pickles    Onions    Tomatoes    lettuce   
Select Sauces:
 Ketchup    B.B.Q    Red Wine Vinaigrette    Ranch    Honey Mustard    Chipotle Southwest    Sweet Onion    Mustard    Brown Mustard    Mayonnaise   
Select Toppings:
 Crushed Red Pepper    Old Bay    Garlic Salt    Oregano    Pepper    Salt    Vinegar    Oil   
 Pepperoni (.75 6 inch/salad 12inch $1.25) (+$1.25)
 Avacado (.75 inch/salad 12inch $1.50) (+$1.50)
 Double Meat ($1.50 6 inch/salad 12 inch $2.75) (+$2.75)
 Extra Cheese (.50 6 inch/salad 12inch $1.00) (+$1.00)
 Bacon (.75 6 inch/salad 12inch $1.75) (+$1.75)
Would You Like Your Sub Toasted:
 Yes     No   
Special Instructions Box:
 Chocolate Chips ($0.85)   
 Oatmeal Raisin ($0.85)   
 Peanut Butter ($0.85)   
 White Macadamia Nut ($0.85)   
 Sugar ($0.85)   
 Double Chocolate Chip ($0.85)   
 Raspberry Cheesecake ($0.85)   
 Lays Regular ($1.35)   
 Lays BBQ ($1.35)   
 Lays Sour Cream Onion ($1.35)   
 Sunchips Original ($1.35)   
 Sunchips Garden Salsa ($1.35)   
 Sunchips Harvest Cheddar ($1.35)   
 Baked Lays ($1.35)   
 Baked BBQ ($1.35)   
 Baked Sour Cream & Onion ($1.35)   
 SLICED APPLES ($1.35)   
 Ruffles Regular ($1.35)   
 Doritos Nacho Cheese ($1.35)   
 Baked Doritos ($1.35)   
 Doritos Cool Ranch ($1.35)   
Bottle Drinks:
   20 oz.
 Coke ($1.85)   
 Diet Coke ($1.85)   
 Fruit Punch Juice (6.75oz) ($1.25)   
 Sprite ($1.85)   
 Vitamin Water Zero (16.9oz) ($1.90)   
 Dasani Bottled Water ($1.75)   
 Fuze Iced Tea Lemon ($1.85)   
 Seagrams Ginger Ale ($1.85)   
 Barq's Root Beer ($1.85)   
 Cherry Coke ($1.85)   
 Cherry Coke Zero ($1.85)   
 Coke Zero ($1.85)   
 Orange Juice (15.2oz) ($1.90)   
 Apple Juice (15.2oz) ($1.90)   
 Gallon Fuze Raspberry Tea ($5.99)   
 shamrock Chocalate Milk (8oz) ($1.85)   
 Gallon Minute Maid Light Lemonade ($5.99)   
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